Vestibular Therapy

Having chronic neck pain? Did you know your vestibular system can contribute to this? Our vestibular system (inner ear, eye reflexes, and more) tells our brain where we are in space and how to keep our bodies stable. A lot of things can throw this system off; even something like staring at a computer all day. A simple check of the eyes and their tracking ability can indicate if there is something dysfunctional with this system.

The vestibular system is a sensory system that provides the brain’s sense of balance and spatial awareness. The auditory and ocular system provide input to the vestibular system, therefore, the eyes and ears play a major part in this system. There are acute injuries, such as concussion, as well as chronic dysfunction that can lead to compromise of this system.

Vestibular Components

  • Vision stability and gaze stabilization

  • Stretching and strengthening

  • General exercises and walking

  • Posture training

  • Balance retraining

We treat vestibular disorders, from BPPV, Meniere’s, and Vestibular Neuritis, to other central or peripheral vestibular dysfunction, as well as a concussion.

When the vestibular system is compromised it can lead to dizziness, tinnitus, loss of balance, vertigo, sound sensitivity, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, migraine, and nausea. For those living with a vestibular condition, everyday life can become a challenging obstacle to navigate.

Our vestibular certified physical therapists will custom set your application for the home program as well as take you through additional movement-based exercises for balance retraining.

Whether you woke up with your world spinning or have had chronic dizziness and headache for years, don’t suffer any longer. Submit a message below, or call our office to make an appt for a vestibular evaluation today.

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