Sports Performance Therapy

The clinicians at Performance Rehab Associates have extensive experience working with athletes of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA. We also treat triathletes, marathoners, yoga practitioners and tennis players. Performance Rehab Associates utilizes the same multi-disciplinary approach to treat high level athletes as we use to treat the weekend warrior. We understand that the ability to perform at a high level is the primary goal for an athlete. Athletes of all types and skill levels depend on a fully functional and pain-free body to perform.

At Performance Rehab Associates, we believe that physical performance is dependent on understanding how the body functions and maximizing that ability. To function at a high level an athlete must have strength, stability, flexibility, mobility and coordination. All of these characteristics are evaluated at our clinic through the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA©) which is the gold standard for physical assessment. Once weaknesses or imbalances are identified, an appropriate plan can be prescribed and followed to maximize physical function. All treatment and rehabilitation exercises are administered with the goal of improving physical performance for the chosen sport or activity. Our results are demonstrated on the field, the court or in the gym.


  • Concussions

  • Movement Imbalances

  • Weaknesses in strength

  • Maximizes athletic performance

Sports Performance Locations