Alter G

This state-of-the-art Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides an unweighting technology allowing the most advanced way to train. The Alter G allows partial weight bearing which can then be increased to tolerance as you train pain-free even with nagging symptoms like tendonitis. This allows you to return to training quicker and in a safe manner after surgery as well. Imagine running without Achilles pain, foot pain, or knee pain as you ramp up your training!

Alter G

Been 6 months since I've been able to run...but grateful to finally be able to take some strides on this [Alter G]. I now have an even deeper empathy for what my patients/family/friends go through and truly how to understand how mental and emotional a physical injury can be. It is not just a 'physical therapy' treatment table as Dr. Erin Markel, Kristen, and Demian have counseled me through many tears. Taking it one % and one stride at a time. Literally.

Kerry M.

Alter G Patient

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