Simple Home Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Whether from exercise or just daily activities, lower back pains can be all too common. Alleviating these aches can often be done at home, with no trip to the therapist needed. Find a comfortable open spot on the floor or use an exercise mat, and try these in your routine.

Cobra Stretch

For tight abdominal and lower back muscles, use this movement to stretch and loosen up. Lay on your stomach, legs extended, palms planted at the sides of your head, forearms laid flat. Slowly push upward with your weight on your forearms, keeping your hips on the floor. Hold a comfortable position for 10 seconds, then slowly return and repeat a few times.

Knee to Chest

Use this stretch to help realign the pelvis and loosen muscles in the lower back. Lay on your back and point your toes upward, then carefully bend your knee and bring the leg up against your chest. Put your arms around the shin or knee to maintain this pose for 20 seconds, then slowly straighten the leg and repeat with the other.

Cat-Cow Pose

This basic yoga pose stretches the spine and lower back, ideal for warming up. Start on all fours, hands, and knees directly below the shoulders and hips. Inhale and tighten the muscles of your core to round your back up like a stretching cat, then breathe out and arch your spine downward. Hold each position for five to 10 seconds and move slowly between them.

Child’s Pose

Also common in yoga, the child’s pose is great for relaxing the lower back. Begin with your knees and hands on the floor, knees just wider apart than your hips. Rotate your toes back and push back your hips to bend the knees. Once comfortably seated, extend both arms fully forward and lower your head forward to the floor. Hold this pose to a count of 20, then return slowly to start and repeat as needed. If you’re also treating shoulder pain, you can instead place your arms at your sides, extending back towards your feet.

Few adults have ever dealt with a sore back. If yours is bothering you, these simple stretches may help.