Demian Gutierrez MPT

Demian Gutierrez MPT

Demian Gutierrez grew up in Dallas, Texas as an avid soccer player. He moved east to obtain his BS degree in Biology from Duke University, followed by his Master of Physical Therapy degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1998.

Demian Gutierrez worked two years in Virginia and then moved to Charlotte where he has worked for the last 19 years, focusing on orthopedic and sports related injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and chronic pain. He worked as the primary physical therapist with Hendrick Motorsports for 10 years, managing the rehabilitation and musculoskeletal issues as part of a team approach in order to keep the Pit Crew ready for competition during a long, grueling season.

Demian Gutierrez enjoys treating orthopedic and musculoskeletal dysfunctions for the general population as well as for recreational and elite athletes. He utilizes many techniques to provide personalized care to his clients, including: dry needling, Graston Technique, Mulligan, PNF and muscle energy technique as well as therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and neuromuscular reeducation. Demian has an extensive manual therapy background through the Institute of Physical Art which couples mechanical treatments of the joints and soft tissues with manual neuromuscular facilitation to achieve optimal motor control and function. His treatments are individualized to each person’s needs and he emphasizes that each person plays a direct role in their care.

When he is not working, Demian enjoys playing sports, working out and spending time with his wife and two children. He has been married to his wife Neely, a native Charlottean, for over 22 years. Together, the family enjoys traveling, being active and playing sports.

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